Message from the Chairman

Message from Board President

As board president of the Warrick County Chamber of Commerce for FY2012-13, I am excited to see the direction the Chamber is going and what the future holds.

The Warrick County Chamber continues to grow.  We have re-focusing on what our mission is in the community. We have looked at our best development potential with the partnerships we have with business, local government and tourism interests in Warrick County.

With a solid foundation to move forward, we continue to focus our emphasis on issues affecting our community through the chamber's committees such as governmental affairs committee, the roads committee and our membership networking and training activities.

We are in the process of finalizing a Strategic Plan for the Chamber, as well as a strong definition of the services we provide each of our members. As we move forward, we are encouraging all businesses operating or residing in Warrick County to be members of the chamber because of the outstanding programs we offer our membership and community.

We look forward to continuing our service. We support the efforts of our local government to increase business and jobs in Warrick County. We strive to maximize the solid potential we have to expand and grow our county businesses. In this process we will continue the quality of community that Warrick County is known for throughout the region.

Alvin Holder